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How can I create a class at Adhoc School?
In order to create a class on Adhoc School you need to apply to be an Adhoc School Teacher. You need to submit the teacher’s application form. Application revision would take about 48 hours, consequently you’ll receive a confirmation email or we will ask you for more documents.
What is the difference between a class and activity?
Activities are social and fun activities mostly created by parents for their kids or for other parents. It can be any form of social activity for kids such as making friends to learning pods. Which can be online or in-person.
Classes are online academic or educational after school activities created by teachers. Only verified teachers can create a paid online class on Adhoc School.
Who can create an activity in Adhoc School?
At the moment, Parents & teachers both can create activities on Adhoc School. Paid activities are not available at the moment.
What is the commission rate of paid classes for Adhoc School?
We deduct a 30% commission for every paid class and activity.
How do I create a learning pod to match with other parents and find a teacher?
You can create a learning or play pod using the “create activity” form in your profile. Parents can register for your pod. You can organize your pod by reaching registered parents personally. In near future we will support messaging through our platform to enhance your chances finding interested attendees and teachers.
I am a parent and I wanted to plan an activity for other parents. Can I create one?
Yes! You can create an activity for other parents by choosing “create activity” in your profile.
Can I create a group for my community in Adhoc School?
We’re working on launching Adhoc Communities soon so you’ll be able to create your own community or join other ones.