Wonders of the World + Art: Summer Session 2
Yacon Village Community

Subject Main Focus: Academic
Subject Subject: Reading, Writing, Art, Science, Social Studies, Critical thinking
12:30 PM To 01:50 PM (4 Sessions)
Eastern Time, New York
Location New York
21/07/2022 To 25/08/2022
4 Session Over 6 Weeks
Mask Mask Not Mandatory
Children 8 - 12 Years old
Learners 10 families/learners per co-op
Car Drop off
Wonders of the World + Art: Summer Session 2
$80 Per learner

We’ll look at many different kinds of amazing and wonderful things we can find around the world, including natural and man-made wonders.  We'll also explore where the wonders can be found.  Students will then get to draw or build a wonder of their choice from a variety of art mediums or building toys.

Co-op Address
20 Corporate Circle, Suite 140, Albany, NY 12203
Yacon Village Learning Community is a place where kids can enjoy a low-pressure learning experience and regular interaction with other children.
Jeanette Parker Roundy
Co-op Lead
I have been involved in homeschool enrichment programs for over 10 years. I enjoy helping students learn to ask questions and dig for knowledge. My preferred system of learning is leading students in project-based studies in geography, science, art and ELA. My hobbies include ballroom dancing, art, music, and birding.