Wonder Room Playgroup
The wonder Room

Subject Main Focus: Social
Subject Subject: Other
09:15 AM To 11:15 AM (169 Sessions)
Eastern Time, New York
Location New York
10/02/2022 To 05/05/2022
13 Session Over 13 Weeks
Mask Mask Mandatory
Children 5 - 7 Years old
Learners 15 families/learners per co-op
Car Drop off
Wonder Room Playgroup
$350 Per learner

Join our community of friends each week for play and exploration!  Together, we will wonder about the world, ask questions, make predictions, use our senses to gather information, and learn new things each time. Your children will paint, draw, sand play, water play, get creative with nature, explore art supplies and construction materials as they stretch and strengthen their minds and bodies. Each week we will have new items and creative opportunities to explore. At the Wonder Room, we strive to build a learning environment and community of friends where each individual is allowed to develop at their own pace - socially, physically, and intellectually.

Our small group size allows for the time and space needed for each child to feel part of a community.  As educators, it allows us the chance to "know" the children, and their abilities, learning styles and interests. This multi-aged group is a natural and authentic way to engage with things, people, and the environment without the '"safety net" of parents. It also encourages the building of relationships as children learn to understand themselves, how they fit in as a contributor, and how they are as individuals (with their own temperaments and personalities). This program helps nurture: 

Concentration and focus 

Listening and communication 



Accepting and respecting our own work and the ideas and work of others 

Flexibility and adaptability 


Impulse control 

Problem solving 

Confidence in ones own abilities 

Creativity and imagination 

Each week the children will have an opportunity to bring home a bag of books to explore at their leisure that they return the following class for a new series. 

Co-op Address
The Wonder Room, 896 Saratoga Road (Rt 50), Ballston Lake, NY 12019
We believe that play and creativity are necessary ingredients for a healthy childhood. We nurture wonder!
Join the journey into creative art, cooking and play!