Science - Our Water, Our Life Ages
Lab-Based Science

Subject Main Focus: Enrichment
Subject Subject: Science
09:45 AM To 11:15 AM (1 Session)
Eastern Time, New York
Location New York
One Session
Mask Mask Mandatory
Children 12 - 14 Years old
Learners 8 families/learners per co-op
Regular Regular
Science - Our Water, Our Life Ages
$255 Per learner

We will explore different themes related to water in our lives, and see how human activities can affect the quality of water, which in turn changes lives.

Students will compare the quality of water from different sources, model and oil spill and its cleanup, learn about water treatment and filtering, and see how plants and soil affect our water.

Co-op Address
675 Oak Tree Road, Palisades, NY 10964
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