Inventions and Discoveries: Half-day, Afternoon
Yacon Village Community

Subject Main Focus: Academic
Subject Subject: Writing, Art, Science, Social Studies, Critical thinking
12:00 PM To 04:00 PM (5 Sessions)
Eastern Time, New York
Location New York
18/07/2022 To 22/07/2022
5 Session Over 1 Week
Mask Mask Not Mandatory
Children 9 - 14 Years old
Learners 10 families/learners per co-op
Car Drop off
Inventions and Discoveries: Half-day, Afternoon
$108 Per learner

Inventions and Discoveries Camp 2- Technologies and Advanced Tools

Campers will have the chance to explore the history and science of some amazing and useful technologies and advanced tools, many of which we use every day!   Each afternoon, campers will have access to 3 creative stations and a research station.  Participants can build things or learn about the topic of the day.  They’ll be encouraged to ask questions about how the invention or discovery impacted humans and when and where it occurred.  

This camp will cover the following topics- 

  • Wheel/transportation
  • Communications including the printing press and telephone
  • Electricity and EM spectrum
  • Lenses and Medical Technology
  • Computers

Co-op Address
20 Corporate Circle Suite 140 Albany, NY
Yacon Village Learning Community is a place where kids can enjoy a low-pressure learning experience and regular interaction with other children.
Jeanette Parker Roundy
Co-op Lead
I have been involved in homeschool enrichment programs for over 10 years. I enjoy helping students learn to ask questions and dig for knowledge. My preferred system of learning is leading students in project-based studies in geography, science, art and ELA. My hobbies include ballroom dancing, art, music, and birding.