Coney Island Clubhouse - Writers Club ~ Free Trial Session
Coney Island Clubhouse

Subject Main Focus: Enrichment
Subject Subject: Writing, Other, Critical thinking
01:00 PM To 04:00 PM (9 Sessions)
Eastern Time, New York
Location New York
01/05/2022 To 28/06/2022
9 Session Over 9 Weeks
Mask Mask Not Mandatory
Children 6 - 9 Years old
Learners 8 families/learners per co-op
Car Drop off
Coney Island Clubhouse - Writers Club ~ Free Trial Session
Price - USD

The first-ever family-run homeschooling center in south Brooklyn is offering free trial sessions. Sign up to try one of our exciting clubs.

On Tuesday afternoons, the 6-9-year-old learners of Coney Island Clubhouse gather to practice writing and play engaging, cooperative games.

We are offering a free trial session to learners interested in trying out our membership-based program.

Elements of the Writers Club include:

Fun story prompts for our developing writers and readers

Cooperative setting where emergent writers learn from more experienced ones

Supported by adult learning guides

Interest-based topics emerge from game-play and group discussion

All families with learners 6-9 years old welcome!

Co-op Address
Reserve a ticket to receive the address via email.
The Coney Island Clubhouse℠, is a self-directed, secular learning center for homeschoolers of south Brooklyn.
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