Coney Island Clubhouse - Child-Led Primary Program (Free Session)
Coney Island Clubhouse

Subject Main Focus: Enrichment
Subject Subject: Math, Reading, Writing, Art, Music, Science, Other, Critical thinking, Patience and resilience
12:30 PM To 04:00 PM (21 Sessions)
Eastern Time, New York
Location New York
13/07/2022 To 26/08/2022
21 Session Over 7 Weeks
Mask Mask Not Mandatory
Children 5 - 6 Years old
Learners 8 families/learners per co-op
Regular Regular
Coney Island Clubhouse - Child-Led Primary Program (Free Session)
Price - USD

The first-ever family-run homeschooling center in south Brooklyn is offering free trial sessions. Sign up to try out one of our programs.

About this event

On Wednesdays through Fridays, the youngest learners (3-6 years old) of Coney Island Clubhouse℠ gather to engage in authentic, Montessori-inspired activities including music, flower arranging, snack making, sweeping and mopping, puzzles, art & craft, nature walks and more.

We are offering a free trial session to learners interested in trying out our membership-based program.

Elements of the child-led primary program include:

Engaging, developmentally-appropriate activities inspired by child-led philosophies such as Montessori and Reggio Emelia

Cooperative, mixed-age group setting where children learn from one another

Supported by expert, adult learning guides

Warm, relaxed environment conducive to focused learning and formation of bonds with other children and adults

All families with learners 3-6 years old welcome!

Co-op Address
Reserve a ticket to receive the address via email.
The Coney Island Clubhouse℠, is a self-directed, secular learning center for homeschoolers of south Brooklyn.
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