Art of the Podcast

Subject Main Focus: Enrichment
Subject Subject: Other
04:15 PM To 05:45 PM (220 Sessions)
Eastern Time, New York
Location New York
10/02/2022 To 23/04/2022
20 Session Over 11 Weeks
Mask Mask Mandatory
Children 7 - 11 Years old
Learners 20 families/learners per co-op
Regular Regular
Art of the Podcast
$300 Per learner

This new media storytelling lab will prepare students to conduct interviews with insight and care. Ethics and a journalistic sense of what shapes an authentic narrative will inform our approach to audio, video, and print journalism. Our instructional team, guest speakers, and media experts will guide students as we explore new media storytelling technologies ranging from podcasts to short-form video. Design-thinking and collaboration with peers will be essential to mastering the process of crafting, recording, and editing final portfolio projects.

Co-op Address
Mesh Ed , 68 Jay Street #501, Brooklyn, New York 11201
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