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Piano lessons
Three months of weekly 45 or 60 minute piano lessons.
In Person
United States, New York, Saratoga County
Guitar classes
Marcelo Fortuna, guitarist, composer and arranger graduated in composition, harmony, classical and popular guitar. He has a wide professional experience and teaches guitar to students of all ages from 6 years old up.
Marcelo Fortuna
$140 Per learner
Magnificent Minibeast Taster Class
The magnificent minibeast classes are fun, science, topic classes that incorporate elements of English, Maths and Creative development. Children are given opportunities to investigate and take part in practical activities, where they share/view and discuss with other group members and the teacher. L...
C Pawan
$22 Per learner
My Five Senses
The students will be able to identify and describe the five senses. Students will do some activities like sing, dance, play and do art activities.
Michelle Francis Lintag
Creative Writing Masterclass- Taster
The high impact, creative writing classes encourage children to think outside the box, when it comes to writing. Children often get stuck when asked to complete a piece of writing, which can lead to frustration, anxiety and negative associations with English. These classes bring quality teaching, le...
C Pawan
$40 Per learner
Basic Web Development for Kids
In this class we will cover basics of web development to help the kids make their first webpages! We help them understand how to create and customize web pages, so that they can boost their online presence all while learning two of the most sought after languages: HTML and CSS.
Sara Mansouri
$70 Per learner