Toronto Moms Meetup

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Subject Subject: Parenting
02:00 PM To 02:00 PM (4 Session)
Africa/Abidjan +00:00
20/09/2021 To 30/09/2021
2 per week Over 2 Weeks
Parent For Parents
Learners 12 Learners per class
Price - USD
Toronto Moms Meetup
Hi everyone, I live in York, Keele and Eglinton area. I will be Homeschooling my two daughters, ages 10 and 11. They will both be in grade 6. Anyone is interested in arranging for regular meet- ups, example every other weekend etc, arrange for field trips together or perhaps meet up in local libraries, or any other socializing ideas.
Course syllabus
Mom to a 6 yo and host to a 4 child.
Type: Online