Our Story

Our journey started with “Pods Match” in 2020 as a platform to help connect parents & teachers with their learning pods during a pandemic, our ultimate goal was to help parents with providing an educational platform beside the schooling system. From Learning pods and Homeschooling to Online classes. Learning from parents and teachers, we stumbled upon a missing puzzle in the new normal of K12 education, which is easy access to communities for parents, their kids and connecting to others through social and educational activities. This is how Adhoc School came to life!

Adhoc School is a community-based marketplace for K12 after school activities and classes, where not only teachers can create and sell their online and in person classes but also parents can create and share activities, pods in any sort for their kids and or even themselves. We believe Adhoc School is the missing puzzle for the new normal of K12 education, approaching education with a holistic approach!

We really hope Adhoc School can help more parents during the time of uncertainty and we can connect you with the right community.

Adhoc School Team!